Nutritional Information

Why is buffalo meat so good for you?

Since buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken, fish or turkey, it is a healthy alternative to beef. With no additives, no growth hormones or antibiotic feeds, it is a truly natural food that tastes like beef, but is a little sweeter. Also, you can eat less meat and still feel satisfied – great for dieters! You get what you pay for – A lot of meat and low fat!

Bison nutritional information…

3 oz. servingCaloriesFatCholesterol
Bison931.8 g43 mg.
Turkey1253.0 g59 mg.
Beef1838.7 g55 mg.
Chicken1403.0 g73 mg.

How about the fat content?

At first, customers are concerned about the price. But when you take into consideration how little, if any, fat there is, you realize what a good buy it is. As a matter of fact, there is no sputtering and flashing when a steak is cooked!

Since no fat is added to our burger and our meat is trimmed carefully, our burger is very low in fat. Over the history of Gem Farms, we have had numerous customers, who because they have had heart attacks and surgery, can eat buffalo and enjoy read meat again. Great for Special Diets!