Cooking Instructions

Always Remember….

Buffalo Meat Cooks Twice As Fast As Beef!

Grill, Broil, or Fry

  • Grill on one side until juices come to the top.
  • Turn and repeat on other side.
  • Cook until medium to medium-rare.
  • Check meat – Cook for a few seconds longer if necessary. Do not over cook!


  • Depending on the cut of meat – Prime Rib, Top Round, Sirloin Roast.
  • Use a 225°F oven and a meat thermometer to cook to desired doneness.
  • Base with your favorite marinade if you like.
  • Use a cooking bag or covered roasting pan and flavor to taste.
  • Add liquid for moisture.

Stews and Pot Roasts do well in slow cookers, in oven casserole or simmered on top of stove in a covered saucepan. Use your favorite recipe and cook meat until tender. Try stew meat cut into small pieces with your favorite chili recipe.

Use buffalo in any recipe call for beef. Cut down on the amount – it will go much farther than beef.

Use this method for all steaks as well as: London Broil, Chuck and Burgers.