Products Made From Buffalo


On the trail....

**All prices quoted are in US Dollars ($) and are subject to change without notice**



Buffalo Garment Leather - soft, pliable$9.50 /sq.ft.
Buffalo Bleached Jaw Bones$12.50 ea.
Buffalo Green Hide *Green hides & heads available for pick up only*$75.00 & up
Buffalo Green Skulls$75.00 & up
Buffalo Green Winter Head to Mount$150.00
Buffalo Green Winter Hide (full size)$200.00
Buffalo Head Mounts (Bulls)$1000.00 & up
Buffalo Horn Caps$15.00 - $35.00 ea.
Buffalo Leg Bones For Dogs (Bleached or Smoked when available)$3.00 - $5.00 ea.
Buffalo Robes - tanned, hair on$875.00 & up
Buffalo Suede Leather$5.00 / sq.ft.
Buffalo Teeth (All Sizes)$3.00 ea. & up

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